Sebastian Betancur Salazar

Software developer


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  • phone3118828394
  • localizationMedellín, Colombia.


  • awardSoftware Engineer, Tecnológico de Antioquia,awarded March 2021.
  • awardSalesforce B2C Commerce Delevoper Certificate,awarded January 2023.
  • checkEnglish level B2.

Sebastian Betancur Salazar

Summary of Qualifications

  • arrowProgramming Languages: C#, JavaScript.
  • arrowWeb Frameworks:ASP.NET, MVC, .Net Core, NextJS, NodeJS, Angular, TypeScript.
  • arrowLibraries: React, Redux, JQuery.
  • arrowDatabases: SQL Server, MySQl, MongoDB, Firebase.
  • arrowRespositories: Git, Github, GitLab, Azure.
  • arrowOther Technologies: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Work Experience

May 2022 ⇒ Present


Astound Commerce

Web developer, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer & JavaScript developer- Medellín, Colombia.

-I am a middle web developer in a Ukrainian multinational company that specializes in the development of e-commerce for major retail brands worldwide. -I was responsible for working on projects using technologies offered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, such as creating and implementing custom functionality, troubleshoot and debug issues and ensuring the overall performance and security of the website. -I worked on a multicultural and large team, collaborating with designers, project managers, and other developers to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget. -Participated in the development of backend and frontend code for websites using Java Script, HTML, CSS and other web development technologies. -Additionally, I was a software instructor at public bootcamps that the company offered to people interested in starting in the programming world. I was responsible for teaching the basics of web development, programming, and problem-solving using Java Script and other web development technologies. Skills: -Knowledge of Agile methodologies, Git and version control, HTML, CSS and responsive web design. -Good level of English for communicating with clients and international coworkers, having experience in communicating with international clients and team members on a daily basis. -Strong problem-solving skills, ability to think critically and come up with creative solutions to complex problems.

April 2019 ⇒ May 2022


Sourcecol S.A.S

Senior Software Engineer, Project leader - Medellín, Colombia.

-Worked developing e-commerce applications for the government of Sweden. I have worked in a multicultural team in Colombia and Sweden, contributing with optimization proposals and innovative solutions to the problems presented. My experience includes the use of the latest Microsoft technologies, mainly C#, SQL, Azure, HTML and CSS for web development. Additionally, I was the leader of a software development team, leading projects and coordinating my team to achieve business goals. -Development of e-commerce applications for public works auctions and tenders procedures. -Worked in a multicultural team of developers, collaborating in the definition of requirements and proposing solutions to problems. -Implementation of Microsoft technologies such as C#, SQL, Azure, HTML and CSS for web development. -Participation in the optimization and continuous improvement of the systems developed. -Leadership of a software development team, coordinating and supervising projects and achieving business goals. SKILLS: -Experience in the development of e-commerce applications for government. -Knowledge of Microsoft technologies such as C#, SQL, Azure, HTML and CSS. -Ability to work in multicultural teams and collaborate in the definition of requirements and in the proposal of solutions to problems. -Ability to adapt to new technologies and tools. -Knowledge of Agile software development methodologies. -Leadership and project coordination skills for software development teams. -Decision-making and resource management skills. -Communication skills with team members and other departments.

March 2018 ⇒ April 2019


E-city Software

Junior Software Developer - Medellín, Colombia.

-Worked on multiple projects developing devices for tax payment, cash withdrawal, and movie ticket purchasing, including integration with biometric authentication hardware and handling of money. Technologies used: -C#, WPF, SQL, REST API. -During my experience here, I worked on the development of devices for tax payment, cash withdrawal, and movie ticket purchasing.These devices included a user interface developed in WPF and a SQL database system to store transaction and user information. I also worked on the integration of biometric authentication hardware to ensure the security of transactions. -Additionally, I worked on the development of a REST API to allow communication between the devices and an external system, thus allowing integration with other applications and services.

January 2017 ⇒ March 2018


1Cero1 Software

Junior Software Developer - Medellín, Colombia.

-Worked on projects for the government, developing platforms for the completion of procedures and payment of taxes. -Technologies used: SharePoint, C#, .Net, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JS. -My role in the team included the development of new features, solving technical problems, and collaborating in the planning and design of solutions. -I stood out for my ability to work in a team and quickly adapt to changes in project requirements. -I also contributed my experience in SharePoint and SQL Server to improve the performance of the applications. Skills: -Web development with SharePoint, C#, .Net, SQL Server -Knowledge of agile methodologies -Ability to work in a team -Good adaptability -Knowledge in performance optimization.


Used Javascript,NodeJS, NextJS to create a Web app that helps one health company to manage the data generated inside company's process, also generate reports and export these in excel files. I made the Rest API deployment in Heroku and the application deployment in Vercel, all this with the respective CORS restrictions.

Open Source

I implemented my own portfolio based in my professional experience and info about me, the portfolio was created in NextJS, HTML5 and CSS3.

Using React, custom hooks, and local storage. In this application we will find all the marvel characters and we can add them to our favorites, also a login.

Using Angular, with a 2 layers model for the structure in the application. Here We can find all marvel characters and add comics to favourites list. This list persist in all navigation session thanks to the local storage.


-Salesforce B2C Commerce Delevoper Certificate awarded January 2023


-Salesforce B2C Commerce Delevoper Certificate awarded January 2023 -Software Engineer, Tecnológico de Antioquia, awarded March 2021. -Platzi certifications, Platzi, awarded since 2019. -C # Programming Course Intelligent Training from Colombia - Year 2017.

Activities and Interests

-I like to play chess on my free times to improve my think skills. -I enjoy participating in coding competitions and hackathons. -I like learning new technologies and experimenting with new software development tools. -I like to read books and watch movies to improve my English.